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  • GPS and microlocation access with beacons
  • Choose your security,HIPAA compliant or public
  • Multimedia sharing with friends and family. Tag and track anything!
  • Customized forms for health professionals to document
  • Customized forms for health professionals to document.
  • Live dashboard log of your team channels that is easily searchable.
  • Learn how to do tasks in real time using our adaptive learing engine.
  • Create planned activities based on individual support plan or nurse assessment
  • Calendar and task management for others to easily assist or support
  • Able to share information with specific people,groups or locations.

How Do Beacons Work?

Each beacon has a Bluetooth® Low Enegery transmitter. It allows Bluetooth devices to broadcast or receive tiny and static pieces of data within short distances inches up to 100 feet.
When on Optonome your smart device will interact with these beacons
For example, it can fetch content that is tied to a individual's care plan or micro-location schedule. It can also push to Optonome user data or statistics.
Care plan information can be displayed or prompted to the user through Optonome as a notification, training, form or trained caregiver.

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